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River Crossing

Crossing a river can be a dangerous undertaking; many people have drowned while crossing rivers. This page offers some very basic advice on how to do it safely, based on our experience. The Bushwalking and Ski Tour Leadership book discusses river crossings extensively, and you should familiarise yourself with this text.


River crossings can be dangerous. If you are in any doubt as to the safety of a river, you should not attempt a crossing.

If your planned route requires a river crossing, study weather reports and the forecast carefully. Has there been recent heavy rain in the catchments of the river, or is rain forecast? Plan your food supplies so that you can wait for a day on the bank if necessary, waiting for the river to subside. Popular Victorian walking areas which involve river crossings include the walk to Sealer''s Cove on the Wilson''s Promontory circuit walk, and the walk out of Lake Tali Karng through the Valley of Destruction.

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